Unlearning Palau investigates the possibility to unlearn the spaces inhabited by political power to be able to imagine for them an alternative cartography. Spaces hosting governments are representative of the history of a country, told by the big narrations. Outside of their walls, the great promises of governments are mixed with those which are un-mediated, intimate declarations of friendship, work and family relations. Coexisting with these there are the initiatives of the population which actively investigates and questions the blurred line between the inside and the outside.

Within the context of the festival Unlearning Barcelona, Unlearning Palau has proposed a guided visit of the Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government Palace) during which the artists participating at the Festival Unlearning Barcelona have guided a human right activists and students, while visiting the spaces through the use of a periscope made by the artist, allowing to see behind and upside down while walking.